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I've never asked for money in my entire life for rs, and RuneScape gold ive recived more than 10 mil in "gifts" from people who have helped me more through their friendships, than with cash.. Keep in mind that i've only been mem for around five to six months..

Two days ago, my most rich family member on rs (22 BIL Bank) (also my dg partner) gave me 6mil to help me to purchase Ags (had 33mil, and the loan of 6m allowed me to purchase ags for 38m, and have 1m leftover for praypots) He also told me to pay it bk at any time. Alrdy added 1m in the past, and I'll be in a position to pay him back at the end of the week. Basicly, 1m isn't much over an hrs worth of work.. And i make around 800k-1m in 5mins per day , using daily. In reality, the majority of people who beg get nothing.. But the occasional lucky ones have a chance to win.. Although rare.

In FOG, my cousin would get around 11 tokens and 10 rating... While when I played before I did not get much. Did FOG change? It was that high when he had like 1.2K Charges, and the Guy had about 100. I'm not sure about FOG, but wrote about his skills in the next to them in ()'s.

I'd like to buy the Explorer Ring and also get the stats... the majority of those statistics are for the explorer rings, though. What should I get first? Do you know what kind of order I should put these things in? Also, how much are super heating or xp? Mage xp and Smithing XP. I'm hoping to go and doing some super the heating over this next weekend.

In F2P It's true that in F2P it's not very diverse. The highest chance of dropping does result from a revenant which is an infected dragon scimi. However, aside from that OSRS Membership For Sale the only thing you'll get are coins that you can't even put in your money pouch.