What's funny about Madden

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This is what Belton loves: winning, especially when it's against people who are so unkind. He persuades them to Madden 22 coins make reckless passes and urges them to play the game on fourth downs when it's best to take the punt.

In watching Belton's channel ABGotGame The only thing Belton roasts more than his opponents? Madden itself. A common refrain is "This game is trash" as well as "this game is so awful." Through every video, Belton is cursing the game's creator, EA Sports, like it's some kind of demon. A throw that isn't quite right? "EA!" Taking a sack? "EA! !" Missing an easy interception?

In January 2022, Belton posted his video entitled "I've not seen anything like this before...You are the winner EA...I'm never playing Madden again ..." However, a week afterwards, Belton posted another Madden video. If you'd been watching his channel for some time, as I was, you'd figured out it was a fact that he wouldn't go away.

What's funny about Madden -- the only NFL approved video games franchise more than 34 years old is that, despite its colossal popularity, there is nothing you hear is people complaining about it.

The primary complaint, which is reechoed frequently, is that each season's latest version is an upgrade from the last. Because EA Sports has the exclusive license, it is the only company to develop the "simulation-style" NFL game. Therefore, it is clear that EA Sports is in not any pressure to significantly improve the game each year. In 2020, a viral Twitter campaign urged the league's decision to introduce EA as its partner- #NFLDropEA. Even with the outrage from social media that included coordinated review bombing of this game's Metacritic pages, Madden 21 sales were substantially higher. This year's Madden 22 did well, as well, and buy mut coins madden 22 the series is still the highest-selling sports franchise of all time.