Played with a friend and my fiancé

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Requires more games interval. There is no reason to Animal Crossing Bells see a friends island. Tarantulas do not spawn, wasps do not spawn, balloons don't spawn, can't promote to Flick or C.J., can't draw bells, dung beetles do not even spawn neither perform snowballs so you can't even make a snowboy together. Can't visit a nook island collectively, the listing is long.Yeah the game obtained repetitive for me. I miss that the OG Animal Crossing

Played with a friend and my fiancé, finished every level at a try or two, typically with two stars. This one? 8 attempts thereabouts and we still couldn't finish it. The minimum score is ridiculously high.Mine is a long story short: When I played this level with my brother we were both yelling at each other before we both got stressed and never touched on the match again (we were just so awful at the game imao)

YAS!! I almost scrolled by without realizing this isn't actually overcooked. Amazing job!This would be even crazier when we eventually get the capacity to cook in the game.How much stuff were utilized to make those tables?! That gotta be a lot

That is really cool! I really like to play ac and overcooked with buddies so this could be a beautiful crossover!The only improvement I could think of would be to change among the villagers to Swedish Chef.Is that game fun? (Which I assume yes haha) I have been advised to Cheap Nook Miles Ticket get it so many people but I don't know what it is