How many Pokémon are in Pokemon Sword and Shield?

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Pokemon Sword and Shield are two independent versions of the same game. Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield released by Nintendo are role-playing games that can be used on Nintendo Switch.

This Pokedex contains 400 Pokemon. The new Galar Pokedex does not yet contain all the Pokemon so far, but it does contain a large part. Galar Pokedex also contains the new Galarian Pokemon form.

Similar to earlier Pokemon games, Sword and Shield also offer version-specific Pokemon. Sword and Shield also have version-specific fitness leaders in the game. Both titles include two exclusive stadiums. The stadium leaders in Sword are Bea (the leader of the fighting type) and Gordie (the leader of the rock type).

The head of Shield's Gym is the leader of Allister (ghost type leader) and Melony (ice type). Recently, Crown Tundra DLC abandoned Sword and Shield. This is the second DLC to enter the game. The game also adds some version-specific legends and DLC.

With the introduction of Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto, most Pokemon games follow this version-specific idea. This 12-hour ticket event will have two versions: red and green versions, which will have their own version-specific Pokémon series.

To overcome this obstacle, trainers will be able to trade over a distance of 40 kilometers. During this event, Mewtwo and other legendary Pokemon from the Kanto region will also be provided.

This event will start on February 20, 2021, and will last 12 hours. Trainers who have purchased tickets to the game will have the opportunity to capture the shining Mew by completing research on specific events in the game itself. Tickets for Pokemon GO Tour: Kanto are now on sale. Website: